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Team Rally Approach

 Home healthcare

The Problem 

Home Healthcare is a competitive industry, which has led to agencies focus on generating greater patient acquisition. Their aggressive sales strategies overlook their patient's individual needs. In result, patients and family members are left frustrated and bounce from agency to agency, experiencing the same lack of personalization of care. 

Caring Bees Team Rally

Caring Bees Healthcare created a patient experience which focuses on teamwork, communication and personalization. Our goal is to promote an effective continuum of care that fulfills our patient's clinical, social and personal needs.

Our Patient's are assigned a Nursing and Community Liaison. The purpose of a Nursing Liaison is to identify, evaluate and promote the medical wellbeing of the patient. On the other hand, the Community Liaison focuses on the personal and social needs of the patient, such as finding community events. Our innovative approach allows us to create a holistic methodology to homecare, which fulfills our patient's every need. 

The Goals:

1) The team approach aims to connect all medical providers associated with the care of the referred patient

2) Allows current providers to share detailed information with our team, with the purpose of promoting an effective continuum of care.

3) Provides Caring Bees staff with the opportunity to create a personalized plan for the patient. 

The Team

Caring Bees Nurse Liaison: (Medical Engagement) Responsible for interpreting, assessing, and executing our patient's medical plan. 
Caring Bees Community Liaison: (Social Engagement) Responsible for finding community resources for patients that are in risk of falling into isolation. 

Learn More:

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