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Know what home care is and what its types are 

What home care is

Suppose you live with elderly relatives, they need help during a medical rehabilitation or they need physical therapy. In that case, you may have noticed that it is important to be alert with them, especially in everyday tasks, as now they can become dangerous. Home care is a professional support service focused on helping people live comfortably and safely at home while receiving specialized medical care. 

These are professionals who will be available and fully capable of helping with each of your needs, including the care of chronic diseases or physical and mental disabilities. 

Who provides home care? 

Professional caregivers can be nurses, assistants or therapists, who are trained in medical care and support in the home and who will be available according to the needs of each patient, either in terms of full time or specific hours, short or long term. 

Note: be sure to hire a certified professional. For this, you can get support from a home care agency such as Caring Bees Home Health, as they have a department in charge of the validation and evaluation of each professional. 

Caring Bees Home Health, best home care in Massachusetts 

Our agency has 9+ years of experience in-home care, delivering dedication and compassion to the Dorchester community daily, offering nursing services, home health care, rehabilitation therapy, and medical social worker. 

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Why get home health care? 

Guaranteeing the best quality of life in each patient is our priority. Therefore, we consider that receiving medical care at home is the best option for older adults or people with disabilities or those who need therapy. It is about taking advantage of the comfort of your home to make each therapy more effective. In addition, it helps to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations for medical procedures that are easily deliverable at home. 

What does home care include? 

  • Help with daily activities like bathing or dressing 
  • Therapy and rehabilitation 
  • Short or long term nursing  
  • Assistance to safely perform household chores 

Types of home care

Completely personalized home care service packages can be built according to the needs of each patient. However, it is generally offered:

Accompaniment and personal care 

Assistance with daily activities and household tasks, such as cooking, dressing, or bathing. This type of care includes ensuring that the patient is safely independent at home. You can also find it in the industry as Non-medical care, home health aide services, senior care, homemaker care, assistive care, or companion care. Personal care and assistance do not require a prescription and can be provided on an ongoing basis or by hours. 

Nursing or private health care 

Specialized service in the medical care of patients with chronic diseases or disabilities may include Home-based skilled nursing, long-term nursing care, catastrophic care, tracheostomy care, ventilator care, nursing care, shift nursing, hourly nursing, or adult nursing. In this case, private medical care must be prescribed by a doctor and can be provided 24/7. 

Home Health Care 

Service is designed to help patients recover from an illness, hospital stay, or injury that affects their mobility at home. This is short-term care led by a certified physician and includes Medicare-certified home health care, intermittent skilled care, or visiting nurse services. Like private medical care, it must be prescribed by a doctor. Still, it can be provided in sessions of one hour until the patient recovers. 

Remember: Home care is medical care or supportive care provided by a professional caregiver in the individual home where the patient or client lives instead of caring provided in group accommodations such as clinics or nursing homes. Contact us to learn more about our services and the benefits it implies for the elderly in your family.