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Everything you need to know about Homecare

There are many misconceptions as to what Homecare really is and how it can benefit your family.

When did home care start?

Homecare had its beginnings in the early 1800’s it was mainly geared towards home nursing. We have come such a long way since then. Today, we are able to provide not just high quality Nursing but also professional Health Aides, Physical Therapists, and Occupational Therapists that are delivered right to the comfort of your own home.

The dictionary defines homecare as: Any support service that allows a person to live safely in their home. For us at Caring Bees, homecare goes beyond a service. It is a combination of compassion, trust, and communication that ultimately builds a holistic relationship to all our patients.

Who is homecare really for?

The good news is that everyone and anyone can benefit from homecare. Let's dive into all the different ways you and your family can benefit from your caring professional.

The first way we can take advantage of homecare is with our Nurses and health aides. Home nurses are passionate individuals that are highly trained to personalize an at home care routine for their patients who suffer from a chronic illness or who are recovering from an accident.

Homecare nurses treat those who are diabetic, those with respiratory illness, they can provide rehabilitative care, they can supervise medications, they can provide treatment and injections, they are trained for wound care, they can teach family-patient health, they are fully able to draw blood and provide lab work, they can provide dressing changes, and IV treatments. Nurses also offer their services for the following:

  • Bathing and dressing of elderly
  • Vital signs monitoring
  • Monitor and report the patient's physical, mental and emotional state
  • Provide Emotional support
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Cooking

and more..

Another way to take advantage of homecare is with rehabilitation services. At home rehabilitation can bring your family peace of mind. Our staff will work with you, your family and physician to put together a plan specifically tailored to meet your unique needs and circumstances. Here are some options for homecare services available to you:

PHYSICAL THERAPISTS: These professionals will come to your home to provide physical rehabilitative therapy such as exercise, weight training and instruction on the use of equipment.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST: They are fully committed to getting people back to their productive selves, and thus provides for detailed, high-quality services addressing patients’ physical, mental or cognitive diagnoses. Getting back to work isn’t just vital to one’s livelihood, but hugely imperative toward an individual’s peace of mind.

SPEECH THERAPISTS: These individuals use patience and focus to help patients in improving communication disorders or swallowing issues. From examining a patient's speech and language components, to correcting food consumption abnormalities.

Lastly, homecare can be very beneficial to you if you were just involved in a worker compensation incident or you have been injured at work. Employers are responsible for providing you with Workers Compensation benefits by law.

Dealing with work-related injuries on your own can be challenging for you and your family. Adding a home care service to your recovery plan, can shorten the recovery time and the stress that has been abruptly brought into your household.

Homecare is a revolutionary way to heal from the comfort of the place you love the most in this world. The positive effects of being in a familiar place, with the people you know and trust can be very healing mentally and physically. Give yourself and your family the opportunity and peace of mind to explore all the options homecare has to offer. We are sure the rewards will be a fuller, less stressful, and longer life.