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Medical Social Services

Medical Social Worker

at home medical social services

The medical Social Worker is a mental health professional who assists families and individuals through out their Healthcare process. Medical Social Workers assist people with the emotional turmoil that the complex and modern health care system represents. Whether this is helping the patient gain access to community and government resources, facilitating support groups for families of the dying or direct individual counseling, Our medical Social Workers assist patients in a variety of roles throughout the healthcare process.

Our passionate Medical Social Workers assist patients with the following task:

  • Counseling groups or individuals in dealing with chronic illness, loss of a loved one or substance abuse
  • Being a mandatory reporter and investigator of potential child abuse
  • Assess the needs of each individual client and keep detail records of clients progress in the healing process
  • Advocate on behalf of the client or family members by consulting with other members of the healthcare team
  • Helping to connect clients with community and government resources around financial or insurance issues
  • Help clients fill out Medicare or Medicaid applications information and oversee their information and status of ongoing benefits.